Self employed

For a self-employed person, it is essential to forget about paperwork and focus on what is important to their business, in addition to having the peace of mind of not making mistakes due to ignorance of the constant changes in current regulations.

For this, as advice for freelancers, we will help you by taking care of all the bureaucratic issues related to your activity, while we will give you the necessary information and tools so that you can control the results of your business and can make the decisions. correct.

Total coverage

Regulatory change is continuous. With the right professionals, your procedures will always be adapted to current regulations; Be safe and avoid risks and sanctions...Take advantage of any change that favors you and avoid non-compliance and possible sanctions for not being updated.

Personalized advisors

You will have professionals from different areas at your disposal depending on the needs of your company or the sector to which it is dedicated.

We will advise you to face your activity profitably and in accordance with the law, always trying to reduce as much as possible the tax and labor costs related to your business.

The best technology at your fingertips

We use the best software so that you can benefit from our services over the Internet. If you are familiar with the digital environment, you can use our online autonomous agency services to carry out all your procedures with the greatest comfort, avoiding displacements and being constantly in contact with the managers through the different means that we will put at your disposal. . You will have all your documentation in the cloud, in real time so that you can access it at all times. Although remember that you also have our face-to-face service whenever you need it.

Gain peace of mind knowing that you are complying with all your obligations, obtain valuable information on your results, and save the time and resources you need to focus on your activity thanks to our management for freelancers.

Frequently asked questions about advice for freelancers

First we have to process the census registration in AEAT through model 036/037. And once processed, we can now register as self-employed in social security.

Model 130 is an advance of the income statement. Those self-employed who are registered in economic activity in Direct Estimation are obliged to present them. In case of being registered in economic activity in Objective Estimation, the model to present is 131.

Yes, it is fully supported. It is known as pluriactivity, and it involves contributing to both regimes, the RETA self-employed regime and the general social security regime.

With the new contribution system launched in 2023, the fee paid by a self-employed person is calculated based on the minimum contribution base. Likewise, the minimum contribution base is determined based on the actual income obtained by the self-employed person.

There is a very important bonus in the case of new self-employed. With this bonus, the self-employed person will have a reduced fee of €80.00 per month for 12 months, which can be extended for an additional 12 months if the income from the activity has been low.

Contributing as a self-employed person is mandatory when an economic activity is carried out regularly, personally and directly. If the economic activity is sporadic, and does not generate income above the SMI, a priori it is not mandatory to register. But the casuistry is wide. advise yourself. Of course, regardless of whether or not it is mandatory to list in RETA, you must be registered with AEAT if you carry out an economic activity.

The minimum contribution base for an individual self-employed person in 2023 is determined based on the income obtained. You can choose what contribution base you want to have and based on it, calculate the fee that you must pay for RETA. This base is like the "salary" imposed on us by the General State Budget, and includes coverage for common illness and accident or occupational disease, cessation of activity and continuous training.

Depending on the economic activity we carry out, we are subject to presenting one or the other tax. The main ones are the payment on account of rent, model 130, VAT, model 303 and withholdings of personnel and rent, models 111-115.

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